From   M4   Junction   13   follow   the   A34   South   around   the   Newbury   Bypass. Come   off   at   the   A4   Hungerford   exit   (this   is   2   miles   after   the   A4   Newbury exit).   Proceed   along   the   A4   for   2   miles   until   you   arrive   at   the   left   turn signposted Hamstead Marshall. Continue   down   this   road   over   the   level   crossing   and   the   river   Kennet. Keep   following   the   same   road   up   and   around   past   the   first   left   turn   to Hamstead   Marshall   up   to   the   top   of   the   hill   and   a   sharp   left   hand   bend. Follow   the   road   round   the   bend   and   keep   left   down   the   lane   signed   “Not Suitable   For   Heavy   Vehicles”.   Continue   down   the   hill   and   around   the sharp right hand bend. The gates to Whitehill Farm are on your left. CLICK ON THE WHITEHILL LOGO (LEFT) FOR GOOGLE MAP.
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